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Where to find me

My work can be found at Khnemu Studio and Fernwood 1891 in Fennville, MI, and at the Kalamazoo ARTisans gallery in the Park Trades Center in Kalamazoo, MI.

Pond Life Series 

The Pond Life Series is a discussion of sustainability through the man-made ecosystem of the cultivated pond landscape, using the language of traditional food vessels.  It represents one of the few moments where human interference, via the creation of a landscaped water ecosystem, can actually benefit the local wildlife by providing a source of food and shelter even as it acts as an agricultural resource for man.  This series aims to spark a dialogue between maker and consumer, as well as dinner guest, about sustainability and conservation.  The stories suggested by the naturalistic dramas that play out in the imagery of the vessels invite the viewer into this world, to learn more, and to care about what happens to it.


Sgraffito Landscape Vessels

These functional vessels are canvases for landscapes in which I have lived, travelled through, and loved.  Each thrown vessel is coated in coloured slip, and decorated with my hand drawn landscape, carved into the fresh clay in a technique called sgraffito.  Parts of the landscape are highlighted in brushed glazes, and the vessels are fired in a wood kiln to bring out naturalistic colours and add atmosphere to the piece.

Slip Painted Vessels